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10 Weird Business Ideas in Dubai

10 Weird Business Ideas in Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities that offer multiple business opportunities and where weird business ideas are very appreciated especially by the tourists who want to try new and special things that are not so common in their home countries. Our company formation agents in Dubai have prepared a brief presentation of 10 unusual business ideas you can try if you want to start a business in this city.

1. Spa offering 24-carat gold facial

Who doesn’t love to get pampered with luxury treatments at the spa? Do you think of opening a spa that offers 24-carat gold facial in Dubai? You will have a lot of clients interested in getting a 24-carat gold leaf placed on their face.

2. Icy bar

After enduring burning heat in Dubai, some people may need something to cool and they can choose to drink their favorite beverage in an icy bar, at temperatures below zero degrees. They will need a blanket or a coat, but there is no problem. The owners of the icy bars will provide everything that is necessary.

3. Polo on a camel

Those who like polo should know that they can practice this sport on a camel instead of a horse. This is a special thing to do in Dubai, so you can turn this into a successful business.

4. Gold ice cream

Many tourists who visit Dubai would like to try something new and interesting at exclusive restaurants and one local specialty is gold ice cream with gold flakes. This can be sold at quite a high price and the business idea could be a successful one.

5. Grow square watermelons 

Everybody can say that watermelons have only one shape – the round one. But surprise: there is also a square one! Growing square watermelons can be a successful business idea as you can sell them at higher prices than the common ones.

6. Open a rage room

Even if most people in Dubai are not so stressed with their lives and jobs, sometimes they need a rage room, where they can go and throw or smash things around or do anything that will help them get rid of stress. If you think of starting a business like this, our company formation agents in Dubai can help you.

7. An exclusive dog hair salon

More and more wealthy people use to pamper their dogs with visits at exclusive dog hair salons, where their favorite pets can get all the attention they deserve. It’s not a bad business idea for Dubai where a lot of wealthy people live and need such services for their dogs.

8. Unusual themed restaurants

There are plenty of weird restaurants in the world and they attract thousands of clients. Why don’t you open one in Dubai where tourists and locals expect to see something wow?

9. Cat cafes

A lot of people love coffee and cats and a combination of the two things leads to cat cafes that are very popular in some regions of the world. We can help you start a business like this in Dubai, all you have to do is to contact our company formation specialists in Dubai

10. Personal shopper

There are a lot of wealthy people and Dubai and they need some experienced employees to do their shopping and offer consultancy services for special occasions. You can start a business in Dubai and provide personal shoppers for VIPs.

If you want to open any of these businesses or you have other ideas, please contact our company formation agents in Dubai who will help you start your company in just a few days.