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Dubai Outsource Zone

Dubai Outsource Zone

The Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) was established in order to provide all the facilities outsourcing companies required. Since its launch in 2007, the Dubai Outsource Zone supports companies in business process outsourcing, HR and IT outsourcing, back office and call center activities. Among the facilities outsourcing companies in Dubai benefit from in the Outsource Zone, there are non-stop management and security services, advanced telecommunication services and value added services among which industry knowledge services.

Some of the greatest international companies have established subsidiaries in the Dubai Outsource Zone.

If you want to start a business in Dubai Outsource Zone and need assistance, our company incorporation agents in Dubai can help you throughout the entire process.

Dubai Outsource Zone – a great investment destination

Among Dubai’s free zones, Dubai Outsource Zone or City, as it was recently renamed, is the only to allowing foreign and local investors to set up companies related to human resources-related activities.

Foreign investors who open companies in Dubai Outsource Zone will benefit from full ownership, as having a sponsor or partner is not a requirement here. The licenses available for opening a company in Dubai Outsource Zone are related to the following activities:

  • recruitment;
  • call center;
  • business processing;
  • data center;
  • market research and data analysis;
  • financial and accounting outsourcing services;
  • back office services;
  • social media outsourcing.

There is a wide variety of activities that can be completed by companies in Dubai Outsource Zone, as well as several types of legal entities under which these undertakings can take place.

With the help of our company registration agents in Dubai, starting a business in Outsource Free Zone can be completed in a matter of days.

If you are interested in opening a business in Dubai mainland, we are at your disposal with the same company incorporation services.

Types of companies available for registration in Dubai Outsource Zone

As mentioned above, there are several options in terms of business forms that can be employed to start a company in Dubai Outsource City. These are:

  1. the free zone limited liability company with a natural person as a shareholder;
  2. the free zone limited liability company with a corporate shareholder;
  3. the free zone limited liability company with a natural person and corporate shareholder;
  4. the branch office which can be set up by foreign or UAE-based companies.

It should be noted that the share capital requirements are different for limited liability companies based on the shareholding structure and it starts at 300,000 AED. Such a requirement does not apply to branch offices that are not subject to specific amounts of money to start operating.

Given the options available, we invite you to discuss the best approach with our local consultants who can help you prepare the documents related to the registration of your business in Dubai Outsource Zone.

Steps for registering a company in Dubai Outsource Zone

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to open businesses in Dubai Outsource Zone will need to complete several steps before starting their operations. They will first need to prepare the incorporation documents which are made of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, information on the shareholders and directors and a lease agreement indicating the legal address of the company. It is important to note that Dubai Outsource Zone has plenty of office spaces to be used for operations.

With respect to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, if one of the shareholders is a company, its translated and certified Articles of Association and Certificate of Registration are required.

One of the other steps of opening a business in a Dubai free zone is related to hiring employees, including foreign ones for which residence permits must be obtained. In Dubai Outsource Zone, this step can be completed at the same with the company incorporation with the free zone authority.

With respect to the license to be obtained, a service or professional license will usually be issued by the free zone authority.

We also invite you to watch our video on the Dubai Outsource Zone:

Documents for company registration in the Dubai Outsource Zone

There are several types of companies that can be registered in the Dubai Outsource Zone, such as free zone limited liability companies and branches of foreign companies.

In order to set up a company in the Dubai Outsource Zone, the founder is required to deposit a minimum share capital of 300,000 AED.  The documents required for incorporation are:

  • a trade name reservation obtained from the Dubai Trade Register,
  • an approval for the activities to be undertaken,
  • copies of the passports of the shareholders and directors,
  • the manager’s resume,
  • a registered address,
  • a rental contract or property title of a property in Dubai,
  • a notarized power of attorney for the Dubai experts conducting the registration procedure.

Our company registration agents in Dubai also offer accounting services, such as registration for taxation purposes.

What are the taxation incentives available for investors in the Dubai Outsource Zone?

The Outsource Zone is a Dubai free zone and provides foreign investors looking for places to set up companies with both tax incentives and a skilled English-speaking labor force. From a taxation point of view, trading companies in the Dubai Outsource Zone have not applied any import or export duties. Moreover, all profits earned within the Outsource Zone can be fully repatriated.

The Dubai Outsource Zone has a one-stop entity for all administrative requirements, among which:

  • company incorporation and licensing services,
  • recruitment and immigration services,
  • a research center,
  • satellite communication and internet services.

For information about all available facilities in the Outsource Zone, you can contact our company incorporation agents in Dubai.

Taxation of companies in Dubai Outsource City

One of the greatest advantages of operating in a free zone in Dubai is the exemption from the corporate tax which is also available in Dubai Outsource City. Companies here benefit from a 50-year corporate tax exemption, however, the new VAT rules apply, and businesses must pay the 5% tax.

Companies operating here can also benefit from UAE’s double tax treaties and obtain other tax benefits.

Previsions on Dubai’s economy

Dubai is set to maintain its rank as an international business center in the Middle East, according to a report published by Financelog. According to it:

  • Dubai’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to grow by 3.2% in 2020;
  • in 2021, the GDP is predicted to register a slower increase of only 3%;
  • construction and real estate are expected to register the highest growths with 1.7%, respectively 3.6% in 2020;
  • tourism is another industry to increase by 6.6% this year, double compared to the last one.

If you are interested in company incorporation in Dubai Outsource City, do not hesitate to contact our local agents for help.