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If you are thinking about opening a company or expanding your business in Dubai you should first verify what the legal requirements for incorporation are. Below you also find the answers to questions our company formation agents in Dubai often receive.

1.Can a non-resident start a company in Dubai?

Foreign entrepreneurs can start companies in Dubai or in a Dubai free zone. If full foreign ownership is permitted in Dubai free zones, you should know that in order to open a company in Dubai you must have a local partner who will own 51% of the company.

2.What types of companies can I open in Dubai?

You can open different types of companies in Dubai among which limited liability companies, partnerships, private and public shareholding companies, but you can also establish sole proprietorships. You can also set up companies in Dubai’s free zones. For information related to requirement about every type of company you can ask our agents in Dubai.

3.Does the company have to be based in Dubai?

In order to undertake business activities in Dubai the company must have a registered address in the Emirate.

4.What are the basic steps for company incorporation in Dubai?

In order to open a company in Dubai you must reserve a company name, have its Memorandum and Articles of Association drafted, open a corporate bank account and obtain a business license.

5.What is the minimum share capital in Dubai?

Depending on the type of company you want to register in Dubai, share capital requirements vary. For limited liability companies you will have no minimum share capital, while for public and private joint stock companies the share capital must be at least 10 million AED, respectively 2 million AED.

6. What are the documents needed for company incorporation in Dubai?

In order to register a company in Dubai you must have its Memorandum and Articles of Association drafted submitted with the shareholders’ and managers identification papers.

7.How fast can you incorporate a company in Dubai?

Company registration in Dubai may take up to five days.

8.Do I need special permits and licenses in Dubai?

Depending on the type of activity you will conduct, some industries or areas will require special licenses. You can verify with our experts in company incorporation in Dubai what those requirements are.

9. How can I open a bank account in Dubai?

You must have a residence visa and submit proof of residential address before opening a bank account in Dubai. Additionally, you will require to present a payslip and a copy of your passport.

10.What are the taxes that I have to pay in Dubai?

There are no income or corporate taxes in Dubai, except for petroleum companies and financial institutions which are subject to taxes. Individuals will only be required to pay few municipal taxes.

For any other questions do not hesitate to contact our agents in company registration in Dubai.