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Open a Company for Manufacture of Tobacco Products in Dubai

Open a Company for Manufacture of Tobacco Products in Dubai

Just like any other country, the UAE has a strong manufacturing industry. One of the best places to start a manufacturing business in Dubai. Foreign investors are also welcomed to set up manufacturing companies in Dubai in the food and beverages industry, but also in the tobacco sector.

Those interested in manufacturing tobacco products in Dubai must comply with several laws and regulations imposed at national and emirate levels. These laws are:

  • the Federal Law No. 15 Regarding Tobacco Control;
  • the Issuance of Conformity Certificate for Cigarettes Products Regulations;
  • the Issuance of Conformity Certificate for Labeling of Packages of Tobacco Products Regulations.

The last two legal frameworks refer to companies manufacturing tobacco products in the UAE, including in Dubai.

Our company formation consultants in Dubai can offer more information on the legislation related to manufacturing tobacco products.

How to register a tobacco-product manufacturing company in Dubai

Investors must first comply with the Commercial Code and choose a structure for the manufacturing company in Dubai. Then the premises where the factory will be set up must be chosen. From this point of view, investors should know that there are several free zones that offer commercial spaces which can fit the needs of a tobacco manufacturing plant. Among these, the Dubai Industrial City Free Zone is one of the best places to do business for foreign entrepreneurs.

You can let our Dubai company formation advisors handle the incorporation process of the tobacco manufacturing business.

Special requirements for companies manufacturing tobacco products in Dubai

As seen above, there are regulations issued by the Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) in the UAE for companies manufacturing various products, including tobacco ones.

Companies manufacturing tobacco products must comply with the following regulations in order to be authorized to operate:

  • to file a sample of the cigarette package with the ESMA;
  • to provide a list with the ingredients of the cigarettes;
  • to procure an ECAS certificate for the label of the package;
  • to provide an electronic conformity certificate.

The Dubai company must also make sure the cigarette packages put on sale contain warning labels and pictures on the front and back of the packages.

For full information on how to set up a company for the manufacture of tobacco products in Dubai, please contact us.