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CompanyIncorporationDubai.com and The Corporate Group had various appearances in the press in the last few years. We invite you to read some of them below:

1. The Corporate Group amongst UAE’s official ‎Trade & Investment delegation to South Africa

“In perpetuation of The Corporate Group’s activities that align with the UAE Ministry of Economy vision’s ‎, ‎Mr. ‎Ayman Al Awadhi- Group Managing ‎director, was honored to be amongst the official ‎UAE trade & Investment delegation to South Africa, ‎partaking in multiple fairs under one roof: ‎Africa big 7, SAITEX ‎and the hotel ‎show Africa.”

2. Newly established ‘The Corporate Group’ opens new business centre in Downtown Dubai

“The Corporate Group (TCG),’ a newly established business, recently inaugurated the Corporate Business Hub (CBH), a new business center located in Downtown Dubai. “

3. Newly Established ‘The Corporate Group’ Opens New Business Centre In Downtown Dubai

“’TCG’ is the outcome of the corporate restructuring activities of Corporate Business Services (CBS), a service based firm developed in 2007 offering business consultancy and business development options. Now operating as a business group of business, ‘TCG’ will take charge of 3 subsidiaries– CBS, CBH and Corporate Business Enterprises (CBE).  “


“TBY talks to Ayman Al Awadhi, Group Managing Director of The Corporate Group, on Expo 2020, artificial intelligence, and joint ventures.”

5. Corporate Business services (CBS) is proud to announce it has been awarded ISO 9001:2015

“Corporate Business services (CBS), a leader in company formations solutions and the founding entity of The Corporate Group (TCG) is proud to announce it has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification by SGS Gulf, a leading global provider of management systems assessment and certification solutions.”

6. The Advantages of Starting a Business in Dubai

The main benefits of setting up a business in Dubai are related to a good business environment and economy, a tax regime that is advantageous for investors as well as a generally simple procedure for opening a company.”

7. How to Find the Lowest Taxes Jurisdictions for Opening a Business

“… the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which ranks amongst the best global destinations with a low level of taxation. For example, the UAE does not impose the income tax, the social insurance tax, nor does it have indirect taxes … “

8. Bridgewest highlights the advantages of relocating your company from one country to another

“Bridgewest recommends that clients work with a team of local specialists, such as agents specialized in company formation in Dubai, whenever they plan to relocate a company.”

9. Seven big benefits of international mergers & acquisitions

“… if you plan on starting a company in Dubai by taking over another business, you will benefit from skilled and English-speaking employees as most workers there speak English.”