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Public Relations Officer Services in Dubai

Public Relations Officer Services in Dubai

Businesses in UAE are faced with a common phrase called “PRO Services”. These services usually cover all needs of a company in terms of paperwork and Government relations.

What are PRO Services?

PRO Services (Public Relations Officer services) typically include the document clearance and paperwork associated with various services and mandatory approvals to be secured from Government bodies.

The key reason that businesses employ a PRO service provider like Corporate Business Services is for ease of time and effort, since the PRO service provider would manage the paperwork while you manage on your business.

We can also help you if you want to open a company in Dubai.

Some of the key transactions covered by PRO services are:

1. Trade License Transactions

The most important document for your business is the trade license. The trade license requires an annual renewal to be done, as per the Government rules. Any transaction like addition/removal of activities, amendment to the ownership structure, or any such critical transactions are best handled by Corporate Business Services.

2. Employment Visa Transactions

For each employee that you hire, there is an associated paperwork involved, which starts from their employment contract and may go up to sponsoring their residence visa. Naturally, any amendment made to their employment terms, such as salary increase, designation change or any other change needs specific documents to be processed with the MOHRE, and this is best done by Corporate Business Services.

3. Reduced Typing Fees

Every Government transaction requires a document to be specifically typed along with the application – and this requires expert typing services companies. At Corporate Business Services, your PRO services engagement covers typing services costs at reduced rates, giving you better value.

Advantages of using Corporate Business Services

– Logistics Services
– Dedicated account manager
– Multi-lingual service team
– Expert knowledge in Government transactions and changes
– Value to relationship – more transactions yield more value
– Quick response

Whatever be your business, obtaining a PRO service contract remains advantageous – whether it be time, cost, Government process knowledge or all of them. To get a PRO services contract and add value to your business, do get in touch with us. You can also count on us if you want to set up a company in Dubai.