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Set Up a Company in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Set Up a Company in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) was enabled in 1996 by the Dubai Government with the main purpose of creating a diversified economy. Ever since, DAFZ has grown year after year, nowadays becoming one of the fastest-growing free zones in Dubai. Foreign investors interested in Dubai airport free zone company setup cost can select between two types of companies:

  • free zone establishments (FZEs);
  • branch offices.

They can obtain two types of business licenses on which our Dubai company formation agents can offer more information. Contact us for information about Dubai airport free zone company setup cost.

Requirements for DAFZA company formation

The opening of a company in Dubai Airport Free Zone depends on the investor’s needs. Foreign individuals and companies can set up free zone companies which will require the following:

  • at least one shareholder;
  • a minimum share capital of 1000 AED.

The branch office is available for foreign companies seeking an established presence in the free zone.

The two types of licenses available for any type of company opened in Dubai Airport Free Zone are the trading license and the service license. If you are interested in DAFZA company formation, please discuss it with our local agents.

Company types in the Dubai Airport Free Zone

The most important benefit of establishing a company in a free zone in Dubai is that full foreign ownership is allowed and in DAFZ investors can set up two types of companies: free zone establishments (FZE) and branch offices of foreign companies. The free zone establishment can be formed by at least one shareholder and at most 50 and it must have a minimum share capital of 1,000 AED. The shareholders can be a natural person or a legal entity. Foreign companies are allowed to open branch offices in DAFZ without minimum share capital requirements.

How to register a company in Dubai Airport Free Zone

In order to set up a company in Dubai Airport Free Zone, a set of documents must be prepared and submitted with the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA). These documents are:

  • a prescribed application form issued by the Authority;
  • a letter of intention;
  • a business plan ( for a FZE) or details about the parent company (for a branch office);
  •  yearly balance sheets (for a branch office);
  • bank statements of the shareholders which cannot be more than 6 months old for natural persons;
  • a bank reference statement for the shareholders;
  • copies after the passports and CVs of the shareholders and managers;
  • a No Objection Letter for the manager, in the case of a branch office;
  • a No Objection Letter from the relevant authority in the sector the company will operate in.

Our company registration representatives in Dubai can help you prepare the necessary documents for DAFZA company formation.

Facilities in DAFZA

Those interested in Dubai airport free zone company setup cost can first find out what facilities they can benefit from in this area. We will review some of the attributes of this business location to give you an idea about the development conditions of a business:

  • Among the fields of interest for foreign entrepreneurs are trading, manufacturing, aviation services, IT, construction, food stuff trading, consultancy, and more.
  • DAFZA has a strategic location, easily accessed by over 2.5 billion people all over the world.
  • DAFZA company setup cost is advantageous for any type of entrepreneur, including those at the beginning of the journey.
  • There are dedicated logistic centers that facilitate activities for any type of business in DAFZA.
  • The trading license for activating in DAFZA can be obtained in a maximum of 7 days.
  • Companies in DAFZA can be 100% owned by foreign investors.
  • Those interested in company formation in Dubai airport free zone can benefit from zero VAT.

Considering these facilities, foreign entrepreneurs can start the formalities for company formation in Dubai airport free zone. We remind you that you have our support in the matter of paperwork and other conditions related to the local authorities. You can learn more about Dubai airport free zone company setup cost from our specialists.

Dubai airport free zone company setup cost

You should know that in DAFZA there are a series of packages with benefits for those interested in opening a company in this area. The business license, for example, can start from around AED 15,000. But you can also choose to rent an office, together with the application for the license, the costs reaching somewhere around AED 34,600. Here are added the fees for the visa of foreigners, including for their staff. Our local agents can tell you more about the DAFZA company setup cost, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Is it necessary to renew the business license in Dubai?

Normally, a trading license is valid for one year, for which renewal is necessary. The process of renewing such a license is straightforward and simple, and it is necessary to comply with various formalities. Among them, the authorities demand an audit report and proof of the lease agreement, as well as the payment of a fee. An advantage in renewing the business license is that you do not have to present yourself for these procedures, the representation of an agent being sufficient to do this. Therefore, our company formation agents can represent foreigners who have business in DAFZA and who want to renew their trading license in Dubai.

Are there any taxes in Dubai Airport Free Zone?

The UAE has a national tax system that provides for the taxation of foreign companies operating in the oil and gas sector and the taxation of branches of foreign bank institutions. However, Dubai, the other Emirates and their free zones have their own tax regulations. This is why it is best to verify with company registration consultants in Dubai what are the tax liabilities one will be subject to when investing in Dubai Airport Free Zone.

At the moment, Dubai Airport Free Zone offers many benefits among which full foreign ownership, and it also offers many tax benefits to foreign investors. Our company incorporation representatives can assist you if you want to open a company in Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Tax benefits in Dubai Airport Free Zone

The Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority provides for the following tax exemptions to foreign enterprisers opening companies here:

  • a 0% tax on corporate incomes;
  • a 0% tax on other incomes;
  • a 0% on imports and exports.

The Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority does not impose any restrictions on the repatriation of capital or the currency companies here can use. Together with its strategic location, DAFZ is one of the most attractive free zones in Duba

Making investments in Dubai

Dubai continues to be an attractive destination for international players due to its facilities and optimal business conditions. You can consider some of the reasons why Dubai should be on your list of future investments:

  • Dubai is considered a city of the future, thanks to the top technology implemented in any field.
  • The charging system is extremely beneficial. Even if the 5% VAT was recently introduced, there are major exceptions in this regard.
  • The UAE is the third safest country in the world. One more reason to relocate here with business.
  • Tourism is flourishing in Dubai, and businesses in this sector have only to win. There were more than 17 million tourists registered from January to June 2022.
  • Investments in real estate are the most sought after. With the property investor visa, and AED 1 million as investments, you can enjoy numerous benefits.
  • Dubai can be reached from anywhere in the world, in a fairly short time by air. The city is connected to the biggest financial centers in the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you need information about Dubai airport free zone company setup cost. You can also rely on our company formation agents if you want to find out all the details about Dubai airport free zone company setup cost.