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Set Up Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Dubai

Set Up Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Dubai

The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world thanks to its impressive oil and natural gas reserves; therefore, it is not unusual for the automotive industry to be very important for the economy. Those who want to start a business in one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Dubai, can set up a company for sale of motor vehicles.

Our company formation consultants in Dubai can assist with the registration of a company which sells auto vehicles.

Legislation related to selling motor vehicles in Dubai

There is no specific law targeting the sale of auto vehicles by companies or private persons, however both types of seller must comply with the requirements of the Contract Law and provide a legal document through which the sale can be validated.

Also, auto vehicles sales companies must respect the requirements imposed by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai (RTA).

Company registration in the automotive sector in Dubai

The automotive industry in Dubai is very developed and a great number of businesses related to it can be established here. Among these car repair shops, companies that offer transportation services or car dealerships. The latter is a very viable option for foreign companies selling auto vehicles that can open branch offices in Dubai.

There are no special requirements to creating a motor vehicle sales business in Dubai or in any of its free zones and our local consultants can help investors prepare the documents related to the company formation procedure and their filing with the authorities.

We also remind companies that starting with 2018, VAT registration is mandatory. Our accountants can assist with this procedure.

Licensing of motor vehicle sales companies in Dubai

According to the RTA the sale of motor vehicles in Dubai cannot be undertaken without a commercial license. After the company incorporation procedure is completed, the Dubai company must also register with the RTA as an authorized auto vehicle dealership.

Where the motor vehicles are imported into the UAE, these must be accompanied by specific documents, such as invoices and various certificates.

For full information on how to start a company for the sale of motor vehicles, please contact our company registration advisors in Dubai.