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Taxation of Companies in Dubai Maritime City Free Zone

Taxation of Companies in Dubai Maritime City Free Zone

Dubai Maritime City is renowned all over the world for the services it offers to foreign investors setting companies in the free zone. Dubai is already considered an excellent center for doing business by worldwide companies and the main reason for doing so is the taxation system imposed by the UAE.

Dubai has a complex tax system which implies levies at national, emirate and free zone levels. Companies operating in Dubai will be subject to the taxes imposed by the emirate’s authorities, which free zones, such as Dubai Maritime City, have the freedom of imposing their own taxes to companies operating in them. However, in order to create an attractive business environment, Dubai Maritime City is tax-free.

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Tax benefits in Dubai Maritime City

Not only does the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) impose no income or corporate taxes to companies operating here, but it also offers many other advantages. Among these, full foreign ownership with the right to freely repatriate any profit or capital made by their companies in Dubai Maritime City. As a world-leading maritime center, Dubai Maritime City was designed for trading companies that are not subject to any taxes when importing products into the free zone. The Dubai Maritime City Authority also provides for no customs duties for companies.

Foreign investors are also allowed to operate other types of companies besides trading ones, which will benefit from the same tax treatment in Dubai Maritime City Free Zone.

Taxation of foreign shareholders in Dubai Maritime City Free Zone

As mentioned before, full foreign ownership is allowed when registering a company in Dubai Maritime City. Both natural persons and corporate entities are may set up companies in Dubai Maritime City without being subject to any taxes. However, taxation may occur in their home countries. Even so, these taxes can be deducted or subject to exemptions provided that they have signed agreements for the avoidance of double taxation with the UAE.

If you want to open a company in Dubai Maritime City and need information about taxes imposed here, please contact our Dubai company formation consultants.