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Taxation of Companies in Knowledge Village Free Zone

Taxation of Companies in Knowledge Village Free Zone

Dubai Knowledge Village was launched in 2003 and in just a few years it became one of the most prolific free zones of the Emirate of Dubai. Recently the free zone was renamed Dubai Knowledge Park as it went through a rebranding phase which would grant it more visibility on the international market. All foreign investors seeking to have fully owned companies in industries like human resources, academics and human capital management choose to open companies in Knowledge Village Free Zone in Dubai. Apart from full ownership, Dubai Knowledge Park also offers many tax benefits to companies established here.

Our Dubai company formation agents can assist foreign investors who want to open companies in Knowledge Village Free Zone.

Are there any company taxes in Dubai Knowledge Village?

The most important thing to know about taxation in the UAE is that it applies at the national and local levels in every emirate. Dubai also has its free zones in which the free zone authorities are in charge of the company registration procedure and the taxes imposed on companies. The same principle applies to companies in Dubai Knowledge Village when it comes to taxation.

If at the emirate level only oil companies and branches of foreign financial institutions are subject to taxes, companies in Dubai Knowledge Village will benefit from many tax exemptions.

Our company registration agents in Dubai can explain how taxation occurs in Dubai and its free zones.

Tax benefits for companies in Dubai Knowledge Park

As mentioned above, companies in Dubai Knowledge Village will benefit from several tax exemptions. Among these, the most important ones are:

  • a 50-year corporate tax exemption;
  • no personal income tax;
  • no customs duties;
  • no taxes on the repatriation of profits and capital.

The UAE has also concluded many double tax treaties under which foreign shareholders of local companies can claim the taxes they pay in their countries.

If you are interested in opening a company in Dubai or one of its free zones, please contact our company incorporation consultants for assistance. Our local agents can also offer information on the UAE double tax treaties, in case you want to open a free zone company and need to know how you can file your tax returns.