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Virtual Office in Dubai

Virtual Office in Dubai

What if you wanted the benefits of a real office, but didn’t want to commit to office space? What if your business contacts and leads are not willing to pursue business with you because you have just a PO Box or your home address on your contact details?

What if your mobile number is not sufficient enough to gain credibility among your business partners?

Many studies have shown that people wish to do business with credible parties – and one thing that lends credibility is the physical presence of a businessman, either individual or corporate.

What if you want an office solution that says you can obtain an office address, allow your staff to use the office resources (like printers, meeting rooms etc), allow you to quote the details on all your communication, and yet go low on your annual expenses as compared to a regular office space?

Welcome to the virtual office solution in Dubai and other emirates in UAE.

You can find out more about the services attached to a virtual office in Dubai from the infographic below:

What is the virtual office solution?

The virtual office in Dubai is a hybrid solution for businesses in Dubai that seek to obtain office details for all communication purposes, but prefer to work out of their own location, or out of many locations. This way, the virtual office brings the best advantages of both a physical office space as well as virtual presence. What is interesting is that you not only get to quote the virtual office details on all your communication, but you also get this without having a real office space for yourself.

You actually get an office address, a PO Box, a Fax number, front desk/receptionist services, and even administrative support such as document organizing. The icing on the cake is that your virtual office solution in Dubai gives you ancillary support such as access to meeting rooms and many more benefits.

Who should go for a virtual office?

Now that the idea of a virtual office in Dubai – UAE has elicited interest, maybe businesses are still not convinced about going for it. Here are some of the situations where one must go for a virtual office solution:

  • You may be new to the market and are overwhelmed by the infrastructure and administrative expenses that an office space may bring;
  • Your business staff travel globally, and require presence in multiple cities without being present in any city for long;
  • Your business is expanding far and wide into new geographies;
  • Your business needs a receptionist answering calls, but does not have the bandwidth to actually hire an employee;
  • Your sales team needs a stop-gap location between meetings for logging calls, registering leads and sending reports;
  • Your team may or may not work out of the location, but needs to provide an address and PO Box for gaining credence among clients and prospects.

What are the advantages of using a virtual office in UAE?

Our virtual office solution in Dubai helps businesses achieve credibility and also helps enhance sales productivity:

  1. Virtual office provides a business address with a professional look;
  2. You get a real person answering all calls coming to you;
  3. All your business cards and letterheads can provide your virtual office details;
  4. You get access to business support services such as IT and Telecom support;
  5. Expand into newer geographies while retaining your virtual presence in Dubai;
  6. Provides large scalability – any number of staff you have working out of different locations, you can continue quoting the virtual office as your presence.

You can also watch the video below if you want to find out how to obtain a virtual office in Dubai:

Office spaces in Dubai

Dubai is a leading financial and commercial destination in the Middle East and many companies choose to base their business there. The United Arab Emirates has plenty of advantages for investors, including modern offices and work spaces.

Depending on the areas where they want to locate their business, investors in Dubai will need to be prepared to pay extra for a central location in the city. Prices for office spaces differ according to the free zone in which they are based or if they are not located in such a special area. 

The price for renting an office is generally calculated per one year and the real estate agent will also give its own fee if you choose to work with an agent. An office of almost 700 sqm in Bur Dubai (a historic district in the city) will cost around 98,700 AED per year and larger offices, for example, those of 1,000 sqm, will have prices at around 150,000 AED per year.

Our lawyers in Dubai can help you make sure that the offices you find for rent have fair prices and that the agent will make sure to provide you with an adequate rent agreement. Our agents can also help you with company incorporation in Dubai in a time frame of 1-3 weeks.

People from all over the world are drawn to the UAE’s prosperous economy and welcoming business environment to pursue investment opportunities or launch firms. The UAE maintains a distinct visa category known as the Dubai investment visa or partner visa for people who have the financial means to move here. 

The renting process for offices in Dubai

Once you have decided to rent a certain office space, you will most likely have to pay a deposit for space. By doing this, you take the office off the market until the documents for the lease are ready. The real estate agent will prepare the documents needed to conclude the rent agreement. Any negotiations regarding the contractual terms should be settled before the final lease agreement is signed by the two parties.

Should you enter into any disputes with a landlord over unfair rent changes or other issues, our attorneys in Dubai can help you resolve any differences. We provide a wide range of legal services both for companies and individuals, including company incorporation in Dubai.