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Work and Residence Permits in Dubai

Work and Residence Permits in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a very attractive country from several points of view and many foreign citizens come to work or open businesses here. Among the advantages foreign citizens can benefit from, are a flexible taxation system and high living standards. Before coming to the UAE foreigners are required to obtain a residence permit. It is rather simple to obtain a residence or a work permit in Dubai and in the other Emirates, provided that all the required steps are followed and all documentation is prepared accordingly.

Our company formation consultants in Dubai have the necessary experience to guide foreign citizens who want to apply for a work or residence permit for the UAE. We also specialize in offering company incorporation services in Dubai and its free zones.

How to obtain a Dubai residence and work permit?

The residence visa has a 2-year validity period which is one of the greatest advantages Dubai offers in comparison to other countries. Also, a residence permit can be renewed without any limitations. Foreign citizens applying for a residence visa in Dubai have the right to bring their spouses and children if any.

The Dubai residence permit grants a foreign citizen the right to permanent residence in the Emirate. Both the work and the residence permit are issued together with an identification card which will be used on the territory of the country instead of the passport. In order to maintain the residence visa’s validity, one must enter the country at least once every six months.

In order to obtain a Dubai residence or work permit, one must have a local sponsor who is subject to certain criteria. Residence visa can be acquired:

Our company registration agents in Dubai can help you obtain residence visas in any of the above situations. Many citizens who obtain a residence and work permit in Dubai have plans for getting married and start a family in this city that offers so many opportunities and they remain for a long period of time.

Conditions for obtaining a residence and work permit in Dubai

As mentioned above, there are three main ways of obtaining a residence permit which will also grant the right to work in Dubai. A foreigner must know that each procedure has its own requirements, meaning one will be subject to different criteria when applying for residency by acquiring a property, employment or by setting up a business. Out of these, opening a company in Dubai is the fastest and easiest way of obtaining a residence and work permit in Dubai.

The following criteria must be met in order to apply for a Dubai work and residence permit:

  •      when opening a company in Dubai, the applicant must deposit the minimum share capital required by the Company Law in the UAE, also a national partner is required;
  •           obtaining a residence permit by opening a Dubai free zone company is also possible under less strict conditions;
  •         for employment purposes, the company hiring the foreign citizen must ensure the salary requirements imposed by the law and act as a sponsor for the future employee;
  •          when it comes to obtaining a residence permit by buying a property, the minimum value of the real estate must be 1 million AED.

Our local advisors can offer more information on the requirements related to applying for a residence and work permit under any of the conditions above. They can also put you in touch with their partners in other countries, such as the Netherlands if you want to obtain a work permit in another country.

Obtaining residency by employment and company registration in Dubai

The two most sought ways of securing residency in Dubai are by employment or by starting a business. When it comes to employment, the applicant must comply with the requirements imposed by the employer and the UAE government and sign a work contract before coming to Dubai. It is easier to obtain an employment permit this way because most of the procedures must be completed by the Dubai company hiring foreign citizens.

The documents required to apply for a work permit for Dubai will depend on the nationality of the applicant, however, the validity of the passport must be at least 6 months upon the beginning of the procedure. The applicant must undergo a medical examination that determines their health status and only then the procedure of obtaining the work permit can begin.

It should be noted that the work visa is released upon the experience of the applicant. The requirements are more stringent for those who have less than 6 months of experience.

When opening a company in Dubai, the foreign applicant is required to appoint a legal representative who is a UAE resident to handle the incorporation procedure of a business. Our company formation advisors in Dubai can proceed to the registration of businesses on behalf of foreign citizens.

The validity of work and residence permits in Dubai

One of the most important criteria to be considered when deciding to apply for a work or residence permit in Dubai is the validity period of the visa.

For example, the purchase of real estate property comes with a residence permit which has a 2-year validity period. Compared to this, work visas are usually granted for a period of 2 years and can be renewed.

The residence permit by opening a company is the easiest to obtain and the validity of the visa depends on the investment made. However, it can be renewed. The procedure for opening a residence visa when opening a free zone company in Dubai is the fastest and is part of the registration procedure of the business.

The video below shows how to obtain a residence and work permit in Dubai:

Documents required to obtain the residence and work visa in Dubai

The sponsor will be the one submitting the following visa-related documentation with the Dubai authorities:

  • passport copy of the applicant,
  • a photograph,
  • copy after the sponsor’s passport,
  • passport copies of wife and children, if applicable,
  • children’s birth certificates, if applicable,
  • marriage certificate, if applicable,
  • a bank statement,
  • an employment contract, if any,
  • a tenancy contract, if any.

Additionally, the applicant must pay a visa fee.

The applicant must also undergo a physical examination within 60 days from their entry in Dubai.

FAQ on residence and work permits in Dubai

Because of the changing legislation related to obtaining various types of visas for Dubai, many foreigners have a lot of questions. Some of these questions have been answered by our agents in Dubai.

1. Is it hard to obtain a residence permit for Dubai?

No, it is not hard to obtain a residence permit for Dubai, even if that is a general perception, as the local government has adopted the laws in order to ease the procedure for applying for a residence permit.

2. How long does it take to receive a work or residence permit for Dubai?

The duration for obtaining a residence or work permit for Dubai depends on the procedure you want to come to the UAE through and the minimum timeframe is a few weeks.

3. Is there an age limit for applying for a work visa for Dubai?

The minimum age for obtaining a work visa for Dubai is 18, however, there is no maximum age.

4. Can I bring family members if I move to Dubai?

Yes, you can bring spouses, children, and parents if you move to Dubai, however, you need to earn at least 4,000 AED in order to be allowed to do that.

For assistance with the residence visa application procedure, do not hesitate to contact our Dubai agents.