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Open a Truck Company in Dubai

Open a Truck Company in Dubai

Dubai has one of the most developed road infrastructures in the region and in the world. Moreover, the local government, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Police Department collaborate in order to ensure traffic regulations are followed. This is one of the main reasons road safety is not a problem in Dubai and the number of truck companies operating in the Emirate is a large one. Foreign investors are allowed to set up truck companies in Dubai provided that they meet the Company Act and the Land Transport Law requirements.

Our company formation agents in Dubai can assist foreign investors interested in setting up a truck business in the Emirate.

Registering a truck company in Dubai

Foreign investors can establish truck businesses in Dubai or in one of its free zones. If for an onshore company a local partner is necessary, in a free zone the foreign enterpriser can fully own the company. No matter where the Dubai truck company will have its management place, it must adhere to the Federal Land Transport Law and fulfill all the requirements imposed by it.

Before starting operating, the truck company must be registered with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai or with the authority of the free zone where the company will operate. One should know that a local agent or company must be appointed to carry out the company registration procedure. Our company incorporation consultants in Dubai can handle this process.

Licensing of truck companies in Dubai

Once the freight company is registered in Dubai, it must apply for several special licenses in order to be allowed to transport goods by road. Also, starting 2013 certain fees must be paid upon applying for a license related to the transportation of goods by the road.

The truck company must first obtain a trading license. Import and export licenses are also required for companies bringing to delivering goods into, respectively outside Dubai. The company must also obtain operation cards for the truck drivers.

Another requirement for opening a truck company in Dubai is to have an insurance contract with a company agreed by the RTA. Another specific requisite for truck companies in Dubai is that they must respect the road they are allowed to transport their goods on.

For full information on all the requisites for starting a road transportation company in Dubai, please contact us. Our company registration representatives in Dubai can also offer information on the import and export licenses required for truck companies.