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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Dubai

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Dubai

Foreign investors who want to open companies in Dubai have various choices with respect to the industries they can choose. This is because the oil and gas sector is no longer the only important industry in the UAE. However, in order to obtain the desired attention and reach they must have a good advertising and marketing strategy. This desire of reaching a greater number of potential customers has determined many businessmen to set up advertising and marketing agencies in Dubai.

In order to create a marketing and advertising company, both local and foreign enterprisers must comply with certain rules which can be explained by our Dubai company formation advisors.

Legislation imposed to marketing and advertising businesses in Dubai

Opening a Dubai company in order to offer advertising and marketing solutions is not difficult, however, these companies must comply with the Advertising Standards published in the UAE Official Gazette. These standards were issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai and require that all marketing agencies file their advertisements with the Regulations and Compliance Commission with the Authority.

The registration of an advertising and marketing business in Dubai will be the same as for any other type of company. Our company incorporation consultants in Dubai can assist with the registration process of this type of company.

Services offered by advertising and marketing companies in Dubai

The advertising and marketing sector in Dubai is quite developed and companies activating in this field now have various means through which they can offer their services, but they can also employ several ways for conveying the messages and promoting the businesses they work for.

The KHDA provides for the following means of promoting advertisements:

  • printed ads;
  • billboards;
  • radio and television ads;
  • multimedia advertisements;
  • email ads.

All marketing and advertising companies must respect the following requirements imposed by the KHDA in Dubai:

  • they must show respect for the religious beliefs;
  • they must respect people’s privacy;
  • they must not be offensive;
  • they must contain the name of the agency creating them;
  • they must be impartial;
  • they must present accurate information.

If you want to open an advertising and marketing company in Dubai, please feel free to contact our local agents.