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Open an Asset Management Company in Dubai

Open an Asset Management Company in Dubai

First of all, we have to ask ourselves what is an asset management company (AMC) and what are the attributions of such a business. It is known that Dubai is an ideal destination for foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish their activities in the Middle East but also to develop their profits. Learn from our specialists in setting up companies in Dubai how to register an asset management company and what are the benefits of such a business.

What does an asset management company do?

Local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up investment funds or benefit from support in this field can think about the advantages of an asset management company in Dubai. Such a company comes into direct communication with foreign investors who want specialized help for personal property and assets. Here is what the activity of an asset management company in Dubai entails:

  • AMC helps entrepreneurs to open investment funds, and even to invest in different areas of interest, depending on market fluctuations.
  • Asset management companies in Dubai know how to manage various investment instruments, depending on the directives offered by the beneficiaries.
  • Risk assessment in the field of investments is the first step that an asset management company has in mind before the actual activity.
  • A well-analyzed and implemented investment fund can bring higher returns at a given time. It’s all about the experience of an investment fund manager and the solutions he/she uses.
  • AMC knows how to analyze the market before the activity of any investment fund. If it is not the case for certain investments to be made, then the fund manager will know how to decide this case.

Building an investment portfolio

The experience and personal expertise of an investment fund manager play an important role. If you are thinking of opening an asset management company in Dubai, then you need to consider getting involved in various actions and adopting the best strategies that can be offered to clients. Creating an investment portfolio is an important task for an AMC. Such a portfolio is based on risk analysis, capital market, type of investment, financial security, and much more. Various types of funds can be handled by one of our specialists, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, index funds, and more. Find out from our team of company formation agents in Dubai how you can register an asset management company in Dubai.

Are you planning to immigrate to Dubai? It is recommended to request specialized help from our agents. You can apply for an investor visa if you want to open a business in this city. You also have a student visa for Dubai if you want to attend courses at a prestigious college in this city. We will take care of the paperwork in detail so that you can benefit from a quick relocation process.

How to register an AMC in Dubai

An asset management company in Dubai can be established under de rules of a limited liability company, the optimal business choice of local and foreign entrepreneurs, due to the popularity of such entity. The Articles of Association stand at the base of incorporation of asset management companies in Dubai as such documents provide information about the owners, activities, managers, general rules, voting rights, and more. One of our specialists in company formation in Dubai can easily manage the registration formalities of an AMC in Dubai, whether you want to incorporate such a business from overseas or visiting the city.

Making investments in Dubai

Dubai has been an extremely attractive business destination for many years, maybe even decades, due to the multitude of benefits offered by the climate. The tax regime is one of the most important advantages offered by the UAE in the field of business because the profits are exempt from any kind of taxes. Besides this benefit, foreigners can enjoy the possibility to register a company without many formalities, even extremely simplified. In addition, full ownership in the free zones of Dubai and repatriation of profits without taxation are accepted.

The legislation on foreign investment in Dubai is extremely relaxed and offers the same opportunities to both foreigners and local investors, without differences and restrictions. Here are some statistics that show the business direction of the UAE:

  • Over USD 154 billion was the total FDI recorded by the UAE in 2019.
  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report, the UAE ranked 16th out of 190 world economies in terms of the ease with which a business can be done in that country.
  • It is now possible to benefit from complete ownership of a company in 122 economic activities allowed in the UAE.

Those interested in registering asset management companies in Dubai can contact our team of specialists in the field. We can also help you with company incorporation in Dubai, no matter the type of entity.